the burkhart group


A summary of The Burkhart Group offering includes the following capabilities and services:
  • Project Management
  • Business Planning and Management
  • Requirements Definition
  • Testing
  • Independent Validation and Verification
  • Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Training
  • Grant Writing and Administration
  • Technical Documentation
  • State Term Schedule Acquisition of desired hardware/software products
Professional services offered by the Burkhart Group are not limited to any particular business area. Domain strengths are especially prominent in the State and county operating environments.
Specific tasks and activities performed in the project management arena include:
  • Organize, draft, and obtain a consensus on a project plan and schedule for performing the project;
  • Develop and write a business case justification;
  • Research and analyze key issues to be considered;
  • Monitor, manage, and control all activities including any required contract administration activities;
  • Present and communicate key findings and recommendations;
  • Facilitate interaction and coordination with all affected parties including statutory authorities, user agencies, and contracted organizations;
  • Ensure that all activities are coordinated with other affected business teams and activities;
  • Act as liaison between government staff and vendor staff;
  • Ensure that the acquired, configured, and/or developed software meets client requirements;
  • Provide management oversight activities;
  • Utilize project management and resource management tools;
  • Prepare detailed work plans for authorized work;
  • Identify, assess and mitigate the risks;
  • Provide regularly scheduled update reports to business owners, sponsors, and management staff;
  • Develop a profile of personnel resources required for ongoing operation and support of implemented applications and business functions;
  • Represent the public sector client at technical meetings with vendors;
  • Execute the direction and advice received from business owners, sponsors, stakeholders, and governing/steering advisory committees during all phases of work; and
  • Complete the exit strategy of all vendor participants and transition of responsibilities to appropriate government staff.
In terms of products, the Burkhart Group offers the following family of solutions via State Term Schedule:
  • Aspect
  • Virtual Hold Technology